Analysis of market competition pattern of magnesium industry in 2020


Domestic raw magnesium production capacity is highly dispersed, leading the leading position absolutely. At present, the concentration of the industry is relatively low, cr313.8%, cr1031.6%, and only 13 companies with capacity greater than 30000 tons, with a total market share of 35.9%, and the majority of the remaining companies are 5000-20000 tons of capacity companies. The original magnesium production capacity of Yunhai metal is 100000 tons, the first in China, accounting for 7.2%, which is far higher than that of the second silver light Huasheng magnesium industry in the industry. The scale effect is obvious and the competitive advantage is significant. With the continuous high pressure of national environmental protection and the gradual clear of backward capacity, the concentration of the industry in the next 3-5 years is expected to continue to increase.

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